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Dr. John B. Izzo

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“John Izzo is one of my favorite thinkers.”
Ann Maloney, ASAE Magazine



Speaking Appearances                          Olivia McIvor

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Our philosophy on speaking and creating impact:

Inspire: As a speaker, it is imperative that I inspire the audience so see what is achievable

Inform: People will not change or facilitate change in themselves or in an organization if they aren’t informed and given choices

Involve: To teach and create change people need to feel they are part of the change process. They need to know what they have control of where they need to let go.

Influence: Be the seed spreader! Above all, this is the goal! Creating influence is ultimately what a speaker’s job is. A speaker/expert has knowledge that can influence changes in people, places and processes. If this is accomplished it’s a success for us and for you.


"Thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking program

we are already planning next year and our attendees want you back!”


Dr. John Izzo works hard at getting to the real people issues within an organization and tailors his message to your needs. He is powerful and practical, offering memorable tools to help people and organizations achieve their goals. You can expect John to speak with several of your people prior to his presentation. You can expect his office staff to assist you with every detail of your event, and most importantly, you can expect him to deliver an inspiring address that will get your people thinking, laughing and taking positive action in the workplace.

One of Dr. Izzo’s goals is to attend as much of your conference as possible and to see other speakers present. Creating synergy between speakers is key to any great conference. He won’t show up 10 minutes before he speaks and he won’t leave moments after he is finished. He doesn’t have a huge list of "must haves" and "won’t dos". He doesn’t expect limos, caviar and a palace, just good meals, a hotel that has an exercise facility and a non-smoking room.



"For the second time you have commanded the attention
of our managers. You know your stuff Dr. Izzo and it was a sincere
pleasure to work with you again!"